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What people say?


Dr. Roz has helped my shoulder pain immensely through exercise and dry needling. She will meet with you in person or over video and she provides exercises to do on your off days. She is very knowledgeable, flexible with scheduling, and easy/fun to work with.


I am so glad that I found Dr. Roz through some civic work she was leading in my community! I was very nervous to start physical therapy during covid but Dr.Roz has appeased all of those! It has only been three weeks and I can testify that it's undoubtedly WORKING! I am so thankful for Dr.Roz and her chuckle, because she will laugh, never at me, but with me, pushing gently for me to accomplish more than I thought possible a few weeks ago. We've met online and in person at the beautiful Patterson Park. This outside social distance appointment time has meant and done so much for these old hips! I highly recommend ReKinetic Physical Therapy!


My family has been grateful to find Dr. Rozalyn. Her ability to meet us outside and follow Covid protocols allowed us to address knee issues that were impacting our ability to be active. We also worked through an intro to running program that helped us gain confidence and improve our fitness levels. She has been great at working with all members of our family, and including our 8 year-old daughter. Dr. Rozalyn has made an effort to meet us where our needs are and encourage us to keep moving. Communication and follow-through has been great and effortless.


My back pain had gotten so bad that I was very seriously considering a trip to the ER. Nothing was working so I called every chiropractor and physical therapist around until I landed on a doctor in my neighborhood with weekend hours. Let me just say this: Dr. Roz is a life saver. Literally. She called me back on a Saturday (evening) and made a house call. That’s right. She came over, guided me through a series of assessments and then did some dry needling work to relieve my pain. I’m icing up now and feeling forever grateful for professionals like Dr. Roz who go above and beyond for their patients. If you’re looking for a physical therapist, you’ve found the right one here.


I had some dry needling work done on my left latt and shoulder because I was having some issues with muscle tightness and limited range of motion! Rozalyn was able to quickly identify all my trigger points in my shoulder and latt and hit all the trigger points using a painless dry needling technique! It improved my range of lotion and discomfort! I was back in the gym in no time! Service was timely and professional!

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