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Physical Therapy

Discover any imbalance or impairments that may be creating your pain or decreased mobility. Sessions can be completed in home, at the park, your work, your fitness center or via video conference.

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I offer wellness services with the advantage of an experienced physical therapy and athletic training background.

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The Transformational 4 Step Process

Rekinetic PT focuses on a transformational model that sets the goal of resolution, not just symptom management

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The first step in your wellness journey is a brief call to discuss your health, obstacles, and long-term goals.

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We'll work together to create a plan that addresses your health issues & goals while creating realistic milestones.

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Grow & Maintain

With your plan in place, I'll help support your overall health goals to ensure long-term success.

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Helping women over 50 rehab injuries, resolve joint pain, and optimize movement


Dr. Roz has helped my shoulder pain immensely through exercise and dry needling. She will meet with you in person or over video and she provides exercises to do on your off days. She is very knowledgeable, flexible with scheduling, and easy/fun to work with.
ReKinetic Physical Therapy and Wellness
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My Client Stories Show The Real Impact

Thinking of taking the next step forward in your fitness or physical therapy journey? Read the testimonials of clients who have lead the way and understand your journey.

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ReKinetic Physical Therapy and Wellness
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Dr Rozalyn Moore in Canton

Health, Fitness & Lifestyle Medicine on Your Terms

ReKinetic Physical Therapy & Wellness is a premier leader in lifestyle medicine and fitness, that delivers movement enhancement, injury care and community wellness, and has 20 years of experience with proven client success. Services are provided at your convenience.
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