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The World Has Changed...

and women want a better approach to healthcare. I provide lifestyle medicine and movement enhancement to help women over 50 require less medical interventions, live with less pain, and have an active lifestyle.

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I Help you Move More, Move Better and Live Well

Move More, Move Better, and Live Well

Dr Roz

Rozalyn Moore, PT, DPT, AT-ret

I have over twenty years of experience in athletic training and physical therapy. I specialize in injury prevention and movement enhancement. Goals are geared towards improving my client's wellbeing, using techniques that vary from outdoor training to TRX suspension, cupping, functional exercise and dry needling.

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You Don’t Have to Live with Knee Arthritis Pain

Osteoarthritis (OA) can be defined as joint pain. It is a complex joint problem. OA usually manifest due to either obesity, muscle weakness causing changes in walking, trauma, aging, or metabolic changes. There is high cost to the management of OA, both is personal pain and in healthcare dollars.

A diagnosis of OA does not mean bone on bone and it does not mean wear and tear or progressive joint disintegration or decay. The joint is not destined to get worse and it definely does not always require surgical intervention. Only 8-11% of all cases actually require joint replacement surgery.

Younger Joints Today

Dr. Rozalyn was featured as a professional guidance and partner resource to Younger Joints, by Dr A. Cortel

Catching Up With Fierce Females: Episode 38 focuses on catching up with guests and contributors to hear about their running adventures from 2020. A new contributor, physical therapist Dr. Rozalyn Moore shares some training tips for new runners and those getting back into the running habit.

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